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BOOM Table

An elegant coffee table showcased with a solid oak top. View our stone top finishes to create a beautiful centre piece for the lounge area

  • Powder Coat Admiral Grey
  • Powder Coat Black
  • Powder Coat Charcoal
  • Powder Coat Light Grey
  • Powder Coat White
  • Beech Black
  • Beech Clear
  • Mahogany Dark Brown
  • Matt Duco Grey
  • Matt Duco White
  • Oak MC Black
  • Oak MC Charcoal
  • Oak MC Cotton White
  • Oak MC Oyster
  • Oak MC Walnut
  • Fools Gold
  • Fossil
  • Gemstone
  • Glacier Marble
  • Rosy Mink
  • Shard Autumn
  • Shard Galaxy
  • Terrazzo
  • Zebron

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Additional information

Finish (Steel Base)

Powder Coat Admiral Grey, Powder Coat Black, Powder Coat Charcoal, Powder Coat Light Grey, Powder Coat White

Finish (Timber Top)

Beech Black, Beech Clear, Mahogany Dark Brown, Matt Duco Grey, Matt Duco White, Oak MC Black, Oak MC Charcoal, Oak MC Cotton White, Oak MC Oyster, Oak MC Walnut

Finish (Stone Top)

Fools Gold, Fossil, Gemstone, Glacier Marble, Rosy Mink, Shard Autumn, Shard Galaxy, Terrazzo, Zebron